Top 5 Things to know before getting a dog




Getting a dog??? Or are you thinking about getting one!? Let me tell you one thing, there is absolutely nothing more precious than a cute puppy. If you are financially stable or let’s say you don’t have to ask your mum and dad about it (let’s be real, you always have to ask them), I suggest you to get a puppy. They will change your life forever. From my personal experience, l can be absolutely sure when I tell you, puppies (dogs) will teach you so much. Yes, they will teach you a lot about yourself. They have so much love to give you, it’s actually unbelievable. But here is a list of things to consider before you get a puppy or a dog:

1. Will you be able to afford a dog?

The expense of owning a dog can be quite hefty on your pockets. Their vaccinations, boosters, medicines, food, treats, etc. can take up a lot of your savings. The monthly average of owning a dog in India is estimated to be around 3000/- rupees.


2. Can you give your puppy time?

Puppies need a lot of attention and patience. Since it’s a completely new environment for them it can be a little tough on your little friend. Training will start as soon as you get them home. If you work for 9/10 hours a day, you might want to reconsider your decision.


3. Can you house train your puppy?

Do you have the time and the patience to train them? Training them can be quite adventurous for you as well as your puppy. You have to be there when they behave themselves, or they do the things you are training them to do. (For example, peeing on the pee pad) If not, can you afford a training school or a trainer?


4. Is everyone around you okay with the idea of you getting a puppy?


You don’t want the negativity of people not liking your puppy. It can get quite annoying when everyone is not a dog lover.

5. Does your lease allow you to get a puppy?


It is actually against the law, to get a puppy against your lease. Even if it is allowed in your lease, make sure to register your dogs because *the annoying neighbor* will have the right to complain against your precious dog.

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