Hi, If you have landed on this page I can only assume you love your doggo.  Let me introduce myself, I am a proud dog mom of my golden retriever. This blog is solely dedicated for dogs, with the hope that each and every one of you takes away some information. I do believe we humans can learn a lot from our furry friends. DOGSPLANS will teach you (more like enlightening you ) about everything you need to know.  I am writing this with the only hope that I can make all of you understand them a little better. They deserve the world.

About my blogging style:

I will write the content according to the things I’ve experienced with my dog. I don’t like referring to him as a dog so, just so you know his name is LADDU. So a lot of this information, facts, and tips are coming from my personal experience and what I think is the best for all the dogs out there. With that being said, my blogging style is more personal. I’m no Wikipedia, you can expect a lot of personal information/experience in my blogs. I feel that the more personal the stories are, the better everyone can relate it to.


I love writing/talking about laddu and dogs in general. I’m doing this with pure love and interest in their well being. Everything you read here, I hope it has helped you in any way. That’s my only intention.


Here’s to hoping everyone who reads my content has taken something with them and that I helped you understand your dog( doesn’t have to yours ) a little better.

Peace out,

One love.